NuCalm The NuCalm Clinical System is the world’s first and only patented technology proven to lower stress and improve sleep quality without drugs. This all-natural, predictable, and easy-to-implement neuroscience solution is used by the professional athletes, pilots, dentists, medical practitioners, business executives, and cancer patients. Since NuCalm was made commercially available in September 2010, over 700,000 dental patients across 5 continents have experienced NuCalm with a satisfaction rate of over 95%.

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In a peer-to-peer product evaluation, NuCalm earned a perfect 5.0 score by Dental Product Shopper. In their 10-year history, DPS has evaluated 3,154 dental products so far and less than 10% have earned the ‘Best Product’ badge. Only one other product has been given a perfect 5.0, which was a GPS locator app in 2011.
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Dr. Omer Reed

“It’s a remarkable, dependable tool…”

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Dr. Paul Denemark

“I cannot imagine doing dental surgery without NuCalm.”

Dr. Paul Denemark“After nearly six years, I cannot imagine doing dental surgery without NuCalm. It has become my standard of care. NuCalm consistently provides an exceptionally positive experience for my patients, allows me to relax and focus during surgery, and my patients seem to heal faster with less complications. What most impresses me about NuCalm is that it is remarkably reliable and predictable. I never have to be concerned about my patients’ emotional state, even for my sedation patients. NuCalm allows me to use less and get more out of sedation protocols. NuCalm is a major advancement for dental.” 

— Dr. Paul Denemark, DDS, MSD, Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology,  President of the Illinois Society of Dental Anesthesiology

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Dr. David Smith

“When they get up and leave, they’re actually feeling better than when they walked in the door.”


NuCalm 2.0 Relaxation System

Calm Never Sounded so Good


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NuCalm Overview

NuCalm Overview

Take the Stress Out of Healing

Take the Stress Out of Healing

Research Data

NuCalm Harvard Study

Quick Start Guide

NuCalm Quick Start Guide

Performance Overview


Business Impact of NuCalm

Business Impact of NuCalm

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