Top 10 NuCalm Milestones – 2016

NuCalm's Top 10

2016 turned out to be a spectacular year for NuCalm. We’ve chosen the Top 10 NuCalm Milestones from the past year and wish you and yours the very best in 2017! Completed the research, development, and patent process for the world’s most sophisticated biophysics and neuroacoustic software – engineered inside the new NuCalm soundtracks Launched NuCalm 2.0, a quantum […]

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The Science Behind NuCalm by its Inventor

Join Dr. G. Blake Holloway - the inventor of NuCalm - for a guided tour of the human nervous system and how NuCalm uses deep science to give a beneficial result. In this 57 minute conference call, you will discover the major players in the structure of the human nervous system and learn how NuCalm creates homeostasis without drugs.

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The Pathology of Addiction

When Dr. Holloway sent us this video, we were intrigued with the content and presentation style. It's author, Janis Dougherty, who is a medical illustrator, explains the basics of addiction in...

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