Introducing the NuCalm Geolocator

Solace Lifesciences has partnered with Pro Impressions Marketing Group in Loveland, Colorado to create a geolocator map to let people find a NuCalm provider anywhere in the world. You can click here to read the full press release. Pro Impressions is an experienced and knowledgeable marketing group that focuses exclusively on helping dental practices get […]

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Top 10 NuCalm Milestones – 2016

NuCalm's Top 10

2016 turned out to be a spectacular year for NuCalm. We’ve chosen the Top 10 NuCalm Milestones from the past year and wish you and yours the very best in 2017! Completed the research, development, and patent process for the world’s most sophisticated biophysics and neuroacoustic software – engineered inside the new NuCalm soundtracks Launched NuCalm 2.0, a quantum […]

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Gary Takacs on The Thriving Dentist Show About NuCalm

NuCalm interview with Gary Takacs

If you like neuroscience you are going to LOVE this Thriving Dentist Show interview. Let’s face it, the most complex, unpredictable and unreliable part of dentistry is the patient! In this Show, Gary interviews Jim Poole on the science behind an all-natural, drug-free stress intervention solution for patients that improves clinical outcomes and can be […]

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How Dr. Ron Schefdore Saved a $6,000 Procedure with NuCalm

Dr. Ron Schefdore Talks About NuCalm

Dr. Ron Schefdore relates an incident with one of his patients when he nearly gave up on doing a $6000 dental restoration due to her anxious behaviors. NuCalm came to the rescue and allowed him to complete the procedure in record time without any form of sedation. He recalls that she left the appointment looking calm, relaxed, and refreshed after 4 hours of dental work - even better than when she arrived.

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Stress – Understand it, Relieve it, and Make Your Life Easier

HDIQ Dental

Stress affects every aspect of the human condition and is an underlying factor in numerous diseases ranging from cadiovascular disease to diabetes. What is probably less understood is the role stress plays in patient behaviors and how it negatively impacts clinical outcomes and affects profitability and quality of life for the doctor and the team.

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