What Clinicians Say About NuCalm…

Dr. Omer Reed’s Assessment of NuCalm

Dr. Heidi Dickerson talks about NuCalm and stress:

Dr. David Smith of Carmel, IN has this to say:

“Fabulous NuCalm… and not just for dentistry! I use it in my psychotherapy practice. My clients love it and have reported lasting results.”
– Deborah, Psychotherapist, Boston, MA

– Dr. David Scharf, Babylon, NY

“The team and I love NuCalm. We have a lot of high fear patients who usually do sedation dentistry. We have found with NuCalm, we usually use less medication if doing sedation and we often times can do NuCalm instead of oral conscious sedation. Our Hygienists love it for the apprehensive or fidgety patients. They feel the few minutes it takes to administer the tablets and hook them up is worth it. When the patient is NuCalm-ed they actually allow our hygienists to do their work uninterrupted.
“The team and I also use it on ourselves to help reset our clocks when traveling, to relax at lunch or the end of the day and my husband is now able to sleep through the night thanks to NuCalm.”
— Dr. Michele Yamada, DDS, San Diego, CA

– Dr. Louis Kaufman – Recorded February, 2012

“I am very pleased with the understated potential of NuCalm. It quite simply calms the patient as well as the team. I was always impressed with the company’s underlying confidence in the science of the NuCalm system. It proved prophetic as our success followed the path their trainers described. After 2 months, we are settling in nicely to the NuCalm experience. We use it daily with consistently positive results. I use it as a patient perk, a team incentive, and a profit booster. Word is starting to spread. It’s not uncommon to have a spouse or friend of an established patient ask about “that calm system” and more and more, our regular patients are requesting NuCalm for their next appointment.

“The company has been easy to work with and has been willing to do whatever it takes to help us. To begin with, Solace was amazing at correcting a shipping discrepancy; completely owning the problem and making sure the solution met my needs. I appreciate the support our team has received as we introduced NuCalm to our patient community. From staff training to helpful hints on patient expectations, the Solace team has always provided the appropriate amount of support and expertise to allow our NuCalm implementation to succeed.

“Now we find ourselves speaking more softly and leaving the lights dimmed when working on a NuCalm patient. There are still some patients who choose nitrous or sedation, and some patients love listening to our team chatter, but we are discovering more and more patients who love, need, and benefit from the NuCalm experience. Thank you for such an influential product.”
– Justin W Cook, DDS, Saginaw, TX

Dr. Mervyn Druian about NuCalm“Imagine working on a nervous, fidgety patient, who has difficulty with local anesthetic and feels they generally don’t work on her. This patient keeps moving her head, she is rinsing constantly and to delay treatment keeps asking irrelevant questions. Working on her is tedious, stressful to my assistant, and generally exhausting. We actually dread this patient’s visit and on top of all this, she is a personal friend.

“Last week my friend needed an inlay preparation. We spoke to her about NuCalm, she thought it was a great idea and we went for it. Sheer bliss, the procedure took half the allocated time, the patient enjoyed the experience and we were perfectly chilled. Remarkable. The technology has worked predictably on all of my patients and has significantly reduced my daily stress.

“Having a system today that helps remove the anxiety factor from the dental equation makes absolute sense. Everyone benefits. Using NuCalm today is certainly win-win for our patients, our teams and ourselves. What a great system, and the bonus of course is if we are stressed or anxious we can always NuCalm ourselves.”

– Dr. Mervyn Druian, B.D.S (RAND) D.G.D.P RCS, London, UK

– Dr. Peter T. Harnois, DDS – Recorded February 2012

Dr. Mark Fitzgerald about NuCalm“I first heard about NuCalm from a very reliable colleague, and I have to say, I was very skeptical. You know the scenario: a new product is released, the manufacturer makes all these claims about how great their product is, and how it will change the way we practice dentistry, then the product never seems to live-up to the hype.

“After 2 weeks of ongoing discussion with my trusted colleague, I decided to give NuCalm a try. I placed NuCalm on a staff member who is apprehensive towards dental treatment, and I was amazed how relaxed she was during the procedure! Now I thought, “OK, this is just one case. How will it work on others?” I decided to try NuCalm myself. I felt relaxed and calm for the 45 minutes I used it, and I could see the benefit in Dentistry.  Since December of 2009, I’ve been using NuCalm on my restorative patients with outstanding results: not only with the patients, but in my stress level as well.
“Needless to say, NuCalm is the ‘Real Deal’. This product will change the way patients perceive their dental visits as well as the way you practice.”

– Dr. Mark Fitzgerald, DMD, Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. Andrew McKamie, D.D.S. – Recorded February 2012

Dr. Paul Denemark on NuCalm“I was very skeptical about NuCalm because it seemed too good to be true. The science behind it was enough proof for me to at least give it a try. I was very surprised at my patient’s overwhelming delight. The protocol was very simple and easy to implement. My surgical assistant was able to provide a wonderful relaxation experience to my patient after only a 2 minute review of the steps.

Now that I have integrated NuCalm into my practice, I am less stressed about performing surgery that may be uncomfortable for my patients. I am also less stressed during injection of local anesthetic because my patients are experiencing the relaxing effects of NuCalm.”

– Dr. Paul J. Denemark, DDS, MSD, Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology

Dr. Omer Reed about NuCalm“NuCalm is an exceptional system that is predictable, easy to use, and my guests and team love it. NuCalm consistently relaxes our guests. Even after long procedures, our guests are leaving our practice feeling refreshed and amiable. NuCalm creates a unique cooperation with my guests in the chair. They are calm and relaxed which allows me to focus on what I do best.
“With NuCalm I am empowered to help many people without causing any harm. Rarely does a solution this profound get launched into the dental industry. NuCalm will become the standard of care for the dental experience – our teams, ourselves, and our guests will all be more relaxed. NuCalm is going to change dentistry.”
– Dr. Omer Reed, DDS – Phoenix, Arizona