A Lay Person’s Guide to Addiction

This video by Janis Dougherty came to us from Dr. Holloway following a discussion about how NuCalm can help heal addictive behaviors by remediating stress at the midbrain level.  Regardless of the substance – whether it is food, drugs, alcohol, or habitual behaviors, the process is the same. We’re all dopamine addicts at a very basic level, we seek pleasure. This video explains the basics of addiction in an easy to understand animated format.


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Such a true cascade of events, that can easily touch us All.
The disease can take on so many forms throughout your life that it can/does make it hard to identify the early stages and various manifestations and when it is happening….so thankful to see you all recognize the impact! We use 1-2 units almost every hour in our practice and in our personal life. Thanx! Kent

Jackie Campisi, OD

We share this with everyone who struggles with the “why” in addictive disease. Thank you for such a great explanation.

Rebecca Murray