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What Patients Say About NuCalm…

(Just a sampling of comments we have received from over 450,000 people who have used NuCalm)

Chris, a commercial pilot, describes how NuCalm helped him


“Absolutely awesome! I’m sold and can’t imagine doing it again without it!” – Meribeth

“So glad I chose this option for my dental work! Have spent the rest of the day recommending it to everyone I talk to.” – Cindy

“I feel completely relaxed. It if worked on me it will work on anyone.” – Gerry

“I have a euphoric sense. I forgot a dental procedure was being done.” – Jackie

Sam, a patient of Dr. Kaufman in Chicago, describes his NuCalm experience


“I am always a big chicken in the chair. Now I feel like I can do anything with NuCalm!” – Jennifer

“Easy appointment. I am so glad I tried NuCalm and can’t wait to do it again.”
– Robert

“I will never have another health care procedure done without NuCalm.” – Bea

“I could not have ever made it through my appointment without NuCalm. In fact, I ran out of my dentist’s office before my appointment started last time.” – Marcia

“I feel incredible! I can’t wait to get back to work to tell everyone about this.” – Susan

“I loved NuCalm!!! I am always an anxious patient and I can’t wait for my family to try it.” – Donna

“I was so sick to my stomach before my appointment. I felt so calm and so relaxed thanks to NuCalm. I will never go anywhere else but this office and I want NuCalm for all my appointments now! ” – Linda

“Loved it! It really helped me get through a procedure I was nervous about.” – Diana

“I can’t believe that was 90 minutes – only felt like it was 30 minutes tops!”
– Craig

“I can’t really explain it. I just feel really good – thank you.” – Jon

“As soon as I chewed the tablets and had the sticky pads applied I could “feel it.” That was the nicest dental appointment I have ever had. I loved it!” – Jenine

“I felt like I was only in the chair for 30 minutes – not over two hours.” – Victoria

“NuCalm was a very relaxing, therapeutic experience. I have chronic neck and shoulder pain. After NuCalm I had no pain, which is remarkable. Can I have this done every month?” – Judy

“The NuCalm procedure is excellent. It is really relaxing. The music is great. It takes the mind off the procedure that is going on.” – Clementine

“My 2 hour appointment felt like 30 minutes, great experience. Thanks NuCalm.”
– David

“I feel ridiculously relaxed!” – Monica

“I had extensive work done several years ago and I wish my dentist had NuCalm back then. I am definitely doing NuCalm again and would recommend it!” – Julie

“It was very good. I can’t explain it but I feel good!” – Amy

“I am relieved and relaxed from all my stress this month! I want it for all my appointments” – Gina

“I can’t stand going to the dentist. Today I had a root canal and could not find a place to get anxious or fearful. The Endodontist told me I was his best patient of the day. I was okay through the entire procedure because of NuCalm.” – Doug

“I will never worry again about my dental appointment. I lost sleep last night over this appointment. Thank you for being such a great dental office to find NuCalm for me.” – Amanda

“Boy did I need this. Not usually stressed over dental appointments but I had a rough weekend and now I feel great!” – Molly

“This NuCalm is something else. I love it!” – Elizabeth

“I hardly felt like I was at the dentist…Thank you NuCalm!” – Chris

“Great idea! I am very happy with this opportunity to come to my dentist without worrying too much. I really enjoy having NuCalm!” – Maria

“I will ask for this every time! It was subtle but very calming!” – Doreen

“I have had bad experiences at the dentist office before and have made poor choices to not go back. Now I am not nervous at all to come back and feel great! I had the best experience receiving anesthetic ever thanks to NuCalm. I didn’t feel anything!”
– Ginger

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