Strategies to Grow Your Practice

The business side of any small enterprise can be complex, confusing, and at times overwhelming.  Fortunately, there are proven business strategies that can help you achieve success.  Below please find a series of resources authored by industry experts to help guide your business decisions and growth strategies.  These articles have helped many practitioners improve their operations – from managing their team and patient base to developing an effective growth strategy.

Growing Your Practice Video



“Growing Your Practice” introduces 3 ways (the only three) that you can grow your practice.  It also introduces NuCalm, the all-natural way to attract new patients by differentiating your practice, focusing on exceptional patient experiences, adding an easy to implement fee-for-service, and increasing case acceptance.  (Running time: 6 minutes)


Recommended Resource authored by Dr. Bryan McLelland.


Dr. McLelland is a well respected, influential educator and author. He practices Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery with special interests in dental implants, orthognathic surgery, and trauma surgery.

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Marketing Dentistry Kaizen Style by Bryan McLelland, D.D.S., B.S.C.One of the greatest challenges dentists have is handling the business side of practicing dentistry. Too often, practices rely on the latest fads or gadgets to increase their profits which cannot provide a sustainable competitive edge. By using Kaizen in your dental practice, Dr. Bryan McLelland provides a step by step method showing you how to quickly and easily increase profits, boost your marketing, improve your practice’s service level, maximize your talents and those of your staff and most importantly increase your enjoyment of practicing dentistry.

A review from Solace Lifesciences CEO, Jim Poole:

I recommend this book, not only as an interesting and evocative read, but as a guide for improving a service focused business. The author does an exceptional job of simplifying the complexities of Kaizen into a step-by-step process that is easy to understand and better yet, easy to execute…   If you own, operate, or manage a service business, buy this book, read this book, have your team read this book, and follow the steps for success.