Why Do People Get Cancer? – October 11, 2016

Part of the 2016-2017 conference call series, hosted by Jim Poole, Solace Lifesciences’ CEO, featured special guest Dr. Janet Hranicky, founder of the Comprehensive Cancer Wellness Center at Hippocrates Institute. Dr. Hranicky is a world-renowned psycho-neuro-immunologist who, for over 30 years, has studied the causes of cancer and the role that stress and attitude play in its development and […]

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Countdown: Top 10 Reasons to Use NuCalm: Reason #5 – The Battle of the Bulge… Fighting Holiday Weight Gain

How relaxation helps you control weight gain. . . When stressed, the body stores visceral fat, making it more uncomfortable to fit into your clothes. Cortisol, one of the hormones associated with chronic stress, can affect levels of ghrelin (the hunger signaling hormone) and leptin (the satiety signaling hormone). The brain has the ability to selectively activate […]

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Stress – Understand it, Relieve it, and Make Your Life Easier

HDIQ Dental

Stress affects every aspect of the human condition and is an underlying factor in numerous diseases ranging from cadiovascular disease to diabetes. What is probably less understood is the role stress plays in patient behaviors and how it negatively impacts clinical outcomes and affects profitability and quality of life for the doctor and the team.

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